Types of Wood Saws

08 Nov

The advancement of woodworking saws has been efficient in the introduction of wood saws into various types for a carpenter or anyone looking to work on wood can benefit. The good thing about the diversity, it has been essential in facilitating easy woodworking.

One of the main questions that many people tend to ask is which is the best type of saw that one can use while working with wood, but truth be told any saw is an excellent saw to use depending on the preference of the individual. There are various types of miter sawsavailable, and they include:

Basic" Handsaw

An ancient kind of saw that is still applicable in the current times, because of its reliable natural and suitable material used in its manufacture. 


A unique type of saw with a C shaped structure that can be used in cutting of pipes and plastic that are to be used together with wood. Handling it, one needs to be more cautious when handling it compared to a basic handsaw, learn about miter saws here!


It has a unique feature of having a blade that is much thinner compared to other saws with teeth crosscutting through it one side of the saw and teeth on the other side. Using this saw it is recommended first to provide a guideline where you will cut by another toll and then finishing up with a Japanese saw.


This is a much simple tool that is used by the artist for carving light woods and drilling holes. It has diverse uses as it can also be used in the cutting of metal because of their blades with are considered to be interchangeable, and their C shape unique feature. To learn more about Woodworking Saws, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scroll_saw#Mode_of_operation.

Jigsaw/Reciprocating Saw

There are various types of jigsaws available with each type of saw performing its uses. One thing you should know about jigsaw is they are applicable in curving works of wood, and if you are looking for a saw to cut through a straight line then it will not serve you well as it tends to drift easily.

Circular Saw

Advancement made in saw has been the reason behind the introduction of this kind of saw. There are two types of circular saws available, both working under electric powered source; the worm drive saw, and the sidewinder saw. Each kind of this saw has its advantages and unique features that bring a comparison between the two.

The list goes on and on, and if you want to get the right tool for your carpentry, then it is better if you seek a recommendation from a specialist.

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